Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Business Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPL) is intended to cover four major perils:  harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and workplace torts. Allegations of this type are typically excluded under both general liability and workers compensation policies. Discrimination claims are often based on failure to hire, failure to promote, unjust demotion, and discriminatory slurs or comments According to … Read moreEmployment Practices Liability Insurance

Understanding of Insurance Terms

Understanding certain terminology within your business insurance policy is crucial to knowing exactly what is – and what is not – covered. To get business owners familiar with insurance terms, the California Department of Insurance offers the following definitions. Quote – An estimate of the cost of insurance based on information supplied to the insurance … Read moreUnderstanding of Insurance Terms

Kidnap & Ransom – Executive Protection often Overlooked

Over the last few decades there has been a rash of well-publicized incidents involving the kidnapping of corporate executives. Those kidnapped are used as pawns to extort huge sums from their employers,  kidnapping victims are often terrorized, sometimes injured, and occasionally killed. Kidnap & Ransom, K&R insurance coverage is actually quite broad, covering the multitude … Read moreKidnap & Ransom – Executive Protection often Overlooked

Understanding Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability covers the first party and third-party risks that are associated with e-commerce businesses, the internet, networks and any informational assets.  Cyber liability insurance offers you the coverage protection that are relating to exposures arising out of internet communications. The whole concept behind cyber liability is to consider the first and third-party risks.  The … Read moreUnderstanding Cyber Liability Insurance

The Reality of Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk Insurance

Reuters has released two informative articles about the data breach experienced by Equifax that highlights the breadth of regulation that gets involved. Article: Equifax avoids fines in Deal with U.S. over Data Breach Article: UK regulator fines Equifax for 2017 security breach Most companies do not realize that when a data breach occurs, both state … Read moreThe Reality of Cyber Risk

Not All Directors & Officers Policies Are Created Equal

Insurance for Executives

When talking with executives about Directors and Officers insurance, most tell me they are well covered with a policy in place through their general insurance Broker. What I have found however, is that even the most sophisticated insureds and those well versed in D&O are unaware of critical exclusions and conditions precedent to coverage contained … Read moreNot All Directors & Officers Policies Are Created Equal

Top Discrimination Claims in 2016

The top 10 employment charges handled by EEOC in 2016, in descending order, were: Retaliation: 42,018 (45.9 percent of all charges filed) Race: 32,309 (35.3 percent) Disability: 28,073 (30.7 percent) Sex: 26,934 (29.4 percent) Age: 20,857 (22.8 percent) National Origin: 9,840 (10.8 percent) Religion: 3,825 (4.2 percent) Color: 3,102 (3.4 percent) Equal Pay Act: 1,075 … Read moreTop Discrimination Claims in 2016

Do You Need Directors and Officers Insurance?

Nonprofit organizations are a mainstay of our society. However, as a medical professional participating in charitable work, you could be held liable for protection of your volunteers! Nonprofit board members are open to this risk when they run an NPO, and many are not aware that they may be held personally liable for the actions of the organization. … Read moreDo You Need Directors and Officers Insurance?