Risk Facts

Risk Facts

Directors & Officers

25% of Directors & Officers claims are denied by insurance carriers with no recourse because terms of the insurance contract were not satisfied? My clients know I have their back – I work with them every step of the way, making sure claims are reported correctly. Have questions about your D&O policy or exposure? Call me.

Directors & Officers insurance is meant to protect personal assets of executives, yet policy limits are often exhausted before claims against the Ds & Os are settled –leaving

Ds & Os having to finance their own defense. Proper structuring of Executive Liability policies is critical for coverage to be there when you need it. Have questions about your D&O exposure? Call me.

Uninsured Directors & Officer claim costs can be 2-3 times more expensive than those for private companies who have D&O insurance. Average insured claim cost – $129K, average uninsured claim cost – $408K (Chubb 2010).

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Cyber and Privacy breaches are averaging $158 per unique record, 271 days to address and $200K in total cost? (Studies by IBM and Rand) The best defense – regular monitoring and implementation of defense procedures which greatly reduces costs and personal liability for executives.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a significant Cyber exposure for those with networked equipment. Property losses due to cyber fires are not always covered under traditional property policies.

IoT warning – Networked equipment can be subject to cyber damage (think Fire!) not covered by traditional property policies. Make sure your property is protected – ask me about Cyber coverage.


Defense and settlement costs of harassment claims can easily exceed $150K and take 18-24 months to resolve. An EPLI policy can provide defense costs, handling expertise and pay expense and settlement costs.

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